A Private Speech and Swallowing Therapy Practice in Bellaire, Texas

Debby Bastidas is a Godsend.

When my son was born in 1999, my husband and I had just relocated to Houston. That very week our son was born 5 weeks early and with a cleft palate. The doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital referred us to Debby. What a blessing that was! Our son started speech therapy as an infant and continued on a customized plan with Debby ( and with us) through his elementary school years. Her kind disposition and incredible expertise created an environment where he thrived and perfected his speech and tone. He went into Jr High as a confident and social young man and graduated high school as the captain of his athletic team and top of his class. Today he is thriving at a top university and is involved in countless social groups including a fraternity. We will forever be grateful to Debby. She helped set the foundation for him becoming a confident, self-assured young man who is outgoing and loves life!

Thank you, Debby, our angel!

The Kidder Family

We were referred to Deborah and our lives changed.

My son at age three (3) could not be understood when he talked.  This was very hard as his friends did not understand him as well.  We went the route of traditional speech therapy, working on sounds, pronouncing words, and practicing.  While this helped, it was not enough.  We were referred to Deborah and our lives changed.  She sent us to a professional ENT and we discovered that he had a weak soft palate.  This was something we watched over the years, and never needed surgery.  Deborah used the most up-to-date methods including exercises to strengthen his mouth, working with his tongue, as well as more progressive techniques.   We worked with her for approximately 10 years.  My son is a true success story.  In 2018 he and his partner were the #1 debate team in the country!  He is off to the University of Texas at Austin in the fall.